District 12 Leadership


Deputy Superintendent

Bronx Borough Office

The Bronx Borough Office consists of 198 team members serving 307 schools in Districts 7- 12 and provides a full range of educational and operational services to students in grades Pre-K-12. The BBO supports schools in the following functional areas:

  • Teaching & Learning
  • Multi-Language Learners
  • Special Education
  • Student Services
  • Performance Data & Systems
  • Finance and Human Resources
  • Operations

The BBO professional learning opportunities and targeted in-school supports are aligned with the Chancellor’s priorities and tailored based on input and feedback from Bronx Superintendents to meet the needs of the individual schools, groups of schools, districts, and communities we serve. Through ongoing collaboration and commitment, we will continue to make progress on our journey toward equity and excellence across all schools in our borough and city.

Bronx Borough Office Mission

The Bronx Borough Office (BBO) is committed to working collaboratively with districts across the Bronx to plan and provide targeted and strategic supports to the borough, individual districts, and schools to build capacity toward achieving our vision of every school being a great school. As such, the Bronx BBO is focused on working alongside superintendents in leading schools to adjust approaches to educating our children, integrate and capitalize on the use of new technology, resources, and research to guide our next steps, and challenge ourselves and those we touch to think beyond current embedded and comfortable practices to close our achievement gaps and maximize student engagement, learning, outcomes, and future success.

Bronx Borough Office Team

Student Services

Student Services: 

Attendance: Kelly Van Hoene                                                                      

High School Superintendent: Renee Peart

Finance & HR

Budget: Nairoby Pena
Human Resources: Sharie Lanehart
Procurement: Ileana Bodon
Payroll: Carly Owens*
(7 & 12)