CSD 12 Staff Members


David Rose

Administrator of Special Education

Devin Schwartz

Director of State and Federal Program

David Graeber

ML/ELL Services Administrator

William Castro

Director of Continuous Improvement

Ashley Willisch

Director of Continuous Improvement

Victoria (Tori) Maslow

Director of Continuous Improvement

Yolanda Barker

Teacher/Math Lead

Gabriella Cohen

Family Leadership Coordinator

Stacey Allen

Family Support Coordinator

Erica Martinez

Social Worker

Lorina Mack

Student Services Manager

Jenel Bethea

Math Instructional Lead

Marcia Feliz

English Language Arts Instructional Lead

Marta Dospiva Legan

AIS Coordinator

Elizabeth Gibbons

AIS Coordinator

Jill Italiano

Coordinator Attendance Management, Resources & Initiatives

Juliet Young-Morrison

Advance Lead

Ivan Yip


Dr. Jacqueline Rosado

Executive Director of Operations

Kate Ryan

Finance & HR Team

Budget: Nairoby Pena
Human Resources: Francisco Soriano
Procurement: Ileana Bodon
Payroll: Julia Adorno-Kempczynski